How to Care for Berets

As the thank-you gift, maroon berets were presented to American counterparts in 1943. In general, wool, cotton or fleece berets could stay looking new with proper care and storage. For the purpose to keep your berets clean, stiff-bristled hat or clothing brush could be used to remove dust, lint and debris, etc. Lint removal tape is useful to detaching stubborn lint.

Spot Cleaning

If there are small dirty areas, dampen a  piece of dry cloth to water, a mixture of water and detergent, and press against the stain to saturate. After several times back-and-forth gently wipe, it would clean. All you need to do is to rinse the spot thoroughly with a water-dampened cloth and lay the beret flat to dry.

Thorough Cleaning

Full-on cleaning in dry-cleaner may lead to shrinkage. If you want to stay stylish in the winter, coats are must-haves. A coat is the best garment to show one’s temperament. I think everyone has to get at least one in the closet. But having coats and matching coats are definitely two things. This is the reason why the same clothes carry two effects completely different from those you wear. If you want to stand out from the crowd and become a fashionista, you have to keep watching. Below, I’ll tell you how to match the coat. The first is to choose a coat. There are many styles of coats. If you are a student or are youth, you can choose a coat with a horn button. This style of coat is more childish and suitable for young people. If you really like this style, you can also choose. It has a very good advantage that can make you look younger. If you wear a backpack, you can easily be considered as a student.

The other is retro style. This coat has more buttons and a little neckline, and the style is very retro. Vintage style coats are usually loose. This type of design makes people more comfortable to wear. The whole gives a soft and elegant feeling. The material of the wool is comfortable and warm. Paired with a pair of black leather shoes and a classic beret, it feels more retro.

The last is the most common style. There are very few coat buttons of this type, usually only two. But when you wear it, people do not usually button their coat. And his collar is bigger. Therefore, the clothes inside the coat are very important. This requires understanding the color mix. Usually, a sweater is worn inside the coat, sometimes with a shirt or dress. The clothes worn in the coat are as simple as possible and the choice of color should match the color of the coat.

Color matching must pay attention to coordination and the need to put people at ease. When color matches, the color of the clothes should not exceed three. Otherwise, it’s easy to give people a sense of confusion. Color matching must be mastered after a long period of study. There are many ways to match, the easiest way is to use similar colours to match. For example, the warm color system that has been very popular recently. Among these, the most used colours are khaki, brown, beige and grey. These colours are very similar, so it is very easy to match.

There are different colours, if you are interested, you can learn.

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