The Comeback of Berets

Hi, my sweet, how are you? Unconsciously, winter is coming soon. In cold weather little by little, I believe that many beautiful people want to wear warmth and fashion! But popular items never start with clothes, but hats are at the top of the trend. A variety of hats of different colors play an important role in the costumes. Did you find that sometimes an ordinary garment, once you put on a hat, suddenly becomes full of style? Yes, it’s true!

Speaking of the most appropriate hat for girls in autumn and winter? I think the winter hat or winter beret must be the first choice. It is easy to wear, suitable for all shapes of faces and the style is complete, it is difficult to refuse.

Since the previous year, you will see it everywhere, the beret appeared on catwalks, he began a strong comeback: from Gucci 2016 to the retro literary fashion at 2017 Dior, he continues to play a major show in the fashion weeks this year, the beret can be described as the true love of the fashion circle.

In fact, it is one of the last century’s favorite European accessory aristocracy, it is impossible to have no hat for the European aristocracy. In the 1930s, the popularity of the beret reached its peak, in the magazine, in the street and movies, women wore berets everywhere. In 1940, berets became more diversified and people started adding feathers, lace, gems, and so on.

And big popular? Perhaps this also tied women owners to the deep impression in many movies. For example, “84 Charing Cross Road” in 1984, the light blue beret of the actress, and perhaps the 1968 French film “Dream of Paris”, Eva with a red beret. Of course, Bonnie, who is rebellious and seeking freedom in the movie “Bonnie and Clyde”, likes to use a variety of woollen sweaters with different berets of color.

It is said that the beret does not pick people, yes ~ the reason why the beret can be worn on any face shape, because you can adjust the angle according to the face. Berets can be worn with a variety of hair styles, perfect for everyday collocations. No need for a super nice beret, even a simple beret, will add a touch to your outfit!

In addition, the beret fabric is more important than the beret shape, as the soft tissues such as knitting, it looks soft, literary and retro, you can adjust to whatever shape you want; but wool, velvet, leather and other hard texture fabrics, it looks serious and neutre, so we often find that it is more fashionable.

But the most important of an accessory, of course it is the color, for the choice of the color, the most classic is the black, adapted to the more colored suit. On the contrary, berets in red, orange, yellow, etc. These bright colors that can brighten up dull clothes; and others, easy to match beige and brown, like the picture below, it looks warm and temperament, very suitable for cold autumn and winter.

Compare other fashion sites focus on what is fashionable, I love what never goes out of fashion, a classic white T-shirt, a cashmere coat and a beret in black, it’s a fashion accessory always trend. The key for me is what makes the right mix. Classic always, with a little more.